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MatraX Heavy Classic B 15W40

Top quality and long life service mineral multigrade oil specially designed for normally-aspirated and turbocharged diesel engines in passenger and industrial vehicles.

Performance Features and Benefits

  1. Recommended for Stop & Go service.

  2. Use it for vehicles that require long term oil in normal or severe conditions of driving.

  3. It protects the engine even in the most severe conditions extending its useful life.

  4. It flows better at low temperatures than other higher SAE degrees.

  5. High detergent and dispersant power that provides excellent cleaning of the engine.

  6. Its low phosphorous content extends the useful life of the catalysts.

  7. Its formulation with bases and additives carefully selected contributes to a low emission of exhaust gases.

Container sizes


ACEA E2-07 · API CG-4/CF · MB 228.1 · MAN 271 · MTU Type 1

Health and safety

ACEA E2-07 · API CG-4/CF · MB 228.1 · MAN 271 · MTU Type 1