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MatraX Heavy InfluX 10W30 UHPD

High quality synthetic oil and high technology that provides great protection for heavy diesel engines of high performances (UHPD) . It is designed to provide good performance in engines with aftertreatment systems such as diesel particle filters (DPF), continuous regeneration treatment (CRT) and engines that use selective catalytic reduction (SCR).

Performance Features and Benefits

  1. Its synthetic nature and its special additivation allows it to reach long change periods, thus reducing maintenance costs.

  2. Excellent pumpability at low temperature thanks to the cold properties of the lubricant, which allows a great protection against wear in the most critical areas of the engine.

  3. Its advanced formulation with additives with low content of sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulfur (Low SAPS) makes it a lubricant compatible with the most modern post-treatment systems and allows it to comply with the latest emission legislation.

  4. Excellent protection and cleaning of the engine, avoiding the formation of deposits.

  5. Its carefully made formulation and the selection of its synthetic base results in a low consumption of oil and favours fuel economy

Container sizes


ACEA E6/E7/E9-16 · API CK-4/CJ-4 · MB 228.51/228.31 · MAN M3677/M3477/M3271-1 · MTU Type 3.1 · Volvo VDS-4 · Renault Trucks RLD-3 · Mack EO-O PP · Cummins CES 20081 · Caterpillar ECF-3/ECF-2 · Deutz DQC IV-10 LA · Detroit Diesel DDC 93K-218 · Jaso DH-2

Health and safety

H412 - Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects · P273: Avoid release to the environment · P501: Dispose of contents/container in accordance with regulations on hazardous waste or packaging and packaging waste respectively.