MatraX Classic 4T 20W50

High quality lubricant specially recommended to 4 stroke engines. It ensures maximun protection in medium and high powered engines It presents a careful formulation with high refined bases and some of the latest generation additives which give it high benefits in its use.

Performance Features and Benefits

  1. It maintains the viscosity even at the most severe conditions of temperature.

  2. Easy cold starting which ensures high protection  against wear even in the most critical engine areas.

  3. The lubricant film is maintained even at the most severe conditions thanks to its high viscosity index.

  4. High detergent and dispersant power that provides excellent cleanliness of the engine.

  5. Friction values which allow to reduce the early wear in the clutch discs.

Container sizes


JASO MA2 (T903:2011) · API SJ · API CF

Health and safety

JASO MA2 (T903:2011) · API SJ · API CF