MatraX Lubricants’ project was envisaged and developed by the joint efforts of the MatraX International business holding which includes both Asian and European partners. Joined by their extensive previous experience in the lubricant industry they now have brought together their resources and expertise under a common vision and with a renewed global focus.

MatraX International is a long term project which is in constant growth both externally in the search of new markets and internally in the development of new structures and processes.

This double journey has been key to the steady development of a comprehensive catalogue of ranges and products tailored to the different industry sectors and sustained by the most rigorous quality guarantees within a greatly complex and competitive global market.

MatraX Internacional


We are present in more than 35 countries: Spain, Portugal, France, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russian Federation, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Balkans, Morocco, Libya, Nigeria, Gabon, Botswana, Senegal, South Africa, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, USA, The Caribbean, Dubai, Brazil…


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