MatraX Guide 150

Lubricant for guides and slides in drive mechanisms, mechanical lathes and other equipment.

Performance Features and Benefits

  1. High demulsibility capability in the presence of soluble cutting oils: allows for quick and immediate separation
  2. High anti-wear performance: development of a protective film, preventing the risk of seizure by reducing friction
  3. Thermal stability: allows its use over extended temperature ranges except in environments with high temperature gradients
  4. Corrosion resistance: additives that reduce chemical attacks on metal surfaces by organic acids resulting from exposure to contaminants that oxidise the oil, providing extended periods of use
  5. Excellent adhesiveness to slides: adheres to surfaces very effectively, resisting being washed away when in contact with cutting fluids
  6. Good sliding capability: allows overcoming “Stick-Slip” issues, with benefits in terms of the quality of finished parts


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ISO 11158 HG · ISO 6743/13 GA · ISO 6743/13 GB · ISO 6743/6 CKE · Stanimuc GA · Stanimuc GB · DIN 51502 CGLP