MatraX InfluX 0W20 JL

New generation 100% synthetic lubricating oil, of required use in new jaguar, Land Rover and Mercedes Benz engines, both petrol and diesel, equipped with catalysts and particulate filters. Developed for new generation vehicles that meet emission regulations EURO 4, EURO 5 and EURO 6 that require using ACEA C5 oil. Also recommended for use in petrol and diesel engines where the manufacturer recommends using OW30 with ACEA A1/B1 specifications.


  1. Easy cold start, which provides great protection against wear, even in the most critical areas.
  2. Its low content of sulphated ash, phosphorous and sulphur enables it to keep the particulate filters extremely clean.
  3. Especially resistant to high temperatures and rust, limits the formation of deposits, reduces wear and allows for a perfect control of the oil consumption.
  4. Excellent fuel savings and reduced CO2 emissions.

Container sizes


ACEA C5-16 · API SN · MB 229.71 · JLR 51.5122