MatraX Sintesis SP 5W30

Synthetic oil that provides great protection for engines of passenger cars and light vehicles, both diesel and petrol, without particulate filters. Especially formulated to meet the specifications of passenger cars for which manufacturers recommend using ACEA A3/B40 type lubricants.

  1. Easy cold start, which provides great protection against wear in the most critical areas and at low temperatures.
  2. The lubricant film remains even under the most severe conditions thanks to its high viscosity index.
  3. Lubricant with a long service life.
  4. Very reduced volatility, thus achieving a lower oil consumption.
  5. Its additives allows reducing the formation of deposits and sludge and achieves an additional anti-wear lubrication, thus extending the service life of the engine.

Container sizes


ACEA A3/B4-16 · MB 229.3 · VW 502.00 / 505.00

Health and safety

This product has been been catalogued as not dangerous For more information, please refer to the MSDS sheet.