MatraX InFluX 5W40 DPF

100% synthetic lubricant of high grade and technology that provides great protection for both new generation petrol and diesel light vehicle engines. Especially formulated to meet the specifications of`passenger cars equipped with particulate filters in the exhaust (DPF) that require ACEA C3 type lubricants and reduced fuel consumption in diesel engines equipped with injector pumps. Its careful formulation provides it with excellent thermal stability, which is evident in maintenance by its viscosity even at the most severe temperatures.


  1. Easy cold start, which provides great protection against wear, even at low temperatures and in the most critical areas.
  2. Achieves fuel savings due to its low viscosity, which guarantees a quick circulation of the oil during start and decreased friction during engine operation.
  3. Lubricant with a long service life.
  4. Very reduced volatility, thus achieving a lower oil consumption.
  5. Helps protect the environment as it significantly reduces emissions.
  6. Its low sulphated ash content enables the particulate filters DPF to meet the specifications indicated by manufacturers.
  7. Its active agents reduce the formation of deposits and wear of critical engine parts such as injector pumps and camshaft, thus keeping the inside of the engine extremely clean.

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ACEA C3-21 · API SN Plus / SP · MB 229.51/229.52 · BMW LL-04 · Renault RN0700/RN0710 · OV 040 1547