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MatraX InfluX Hybrid 0W20

High-end oil and synthetic composition that provides great protection to the latest generation gasoline engines, start-stop systems and hybrid engines. It is a very low viscosity lubricant formulated with high technology additives that offer fuel saving properties compared to other types of oils.

Performance Features and Benefits

  1. It incorporates an advanced anti-wear technology specifically designed to protect the motor and catalytic converters, thus contributing to the reduction of emissions. This additive remains in the engine for a longer time than conventional additives and is able to provide more active wear protection throughout the drainage.

  2. Its low viscosity guarantees the reduction of friction and allows the engine to work at maximum power, thus ensuring fuel savings.

  3. Long-life lubricant in service.

  4. Contributes to easy starting and this allows to reduce the electric consumption in hybrid motors and extend the life of the batteries.

  5. Its additives reduce the formation of deposits, the wear of the injectors and the camshaft.

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