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MatraX Heavy InfluX 5W30 UHPD

Fully synthetic UHPD (Ultra High Performance Diesel) lubricant with ‘Low SAPS’ technology for the latest generation of heavy-duty vehicles equipped with diesel engines.

Performance Features and Benefits

  1. Extended service intervals: the synthetic bases used in its formulation, together with a carefully selected additive package, reduce maintenance costs and downtimes.
  2. Enhanced lubricant longevity: exceptional thermal stability and resistance to oxidation, even at high temperatures or under adverse conditions, preventing the formation of deposits and sludge.
  3. Protection of exhaust gas after-treatment systems: its low content of sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur ensures that particulate filters, SCRs, EGRs and/or catalytic converters remain extremely clean.
  4. Outstanding cold-start performance : excellent fluidity at low temperatures
  5. Fuel economy: its low viscosity and fluidity at low temperature allow reducing fuel consumption and, consequently, achieving lower costs per km.


Container sizes


ACEA E4/E6/E7/E8/E9/E11 · API CK-4 · MB 228.52/228.51/228.31 · MAN 3777/M3677/M3775/M3477/M3271-1 · MTU Type 3.1/Type 2.1 · Volvo VDS-4.5 · Renault Trucks RLD-4/RLD-3 · Mack EOS 4.5 · Cummins CES 20086/20081 · JASO DH-2-17/DH-1-17/DL-0-17 · Caterpillar ECF-3 · Deutz DQC IV-18LA · Detroit diesel DDC 93K222/93K218 · Scania LDF-4