MatraX Bike Sintesis 2T

Synthetic lubricant composition for 2-stroke scooters engines for city driving with smokeless. Also suitable for any engine 2-stroke, motorcycles, lawnmowers, saw chains and so on.

Performance Features and Benefits

  1. Low ash content, which prevents pre-ignition and keeps the pistons and segments free of deposits.

  2. Selected additive and low viscosity that provide fast lubrication of all engine parts and easy start-up.

  3. Great resistance to high temperatures.

  4. High power detergent / dispersant that keeps the engine clean of deposits and sludge.

  5. Reduces smoke, as required by European standards for 2-stroke motorcycles.

  6. Anti-seized up power that allows to extend the life of motorbikes.

  7. Perfectly soluble in gasoline.

Container sizes



Health and safety

EUH066: Repeated exposure may cause skin dryness or cracking