MatraX Hydro HV 100

Lubricant for hydraulic systems formulated from carefully refined paraffinic bases with a high viscosity index.

Performance Features and Benefits

  1. High demulsibility capability: water separation additives prevent a reduction in oil viscosity and ensure protection against oxidation of metal components in hydraulic systems.
  2. High anti-wear performance: development of a protective film, preventing the risk of seizure by reducing friction
  3. Thermal stability: allows its use within wide temperature ranges, except in environments with high temperature gradients (in these cases, we recommend our HV-type hydraulic lubricants)
  4. Corrosion resistance: additives that reduce chemical attacks on metal surfaces by organic acids resulting from exposure to contaminants that oxidise the oil, providing extended periods of use
  5. High resistance against foaming: effective air release without excessive foaming to facilitate the transfer of hydraulic power

Container sizes


DIN 51524 Part 3 · ISO 11158 HV