MatraX InfluX Tech C5 5W20

High quality 100% synthetic oil which provides maximum protection to gasoline and diesel engines. Its careful formulation gives it a great thermal stability and it provides the maintenance of viscosity with temperatures even in the most severe conditions.

Performance Features and Benefits

  1. Easy cold start, which allows a great protection against wear even at low temperatures (-30ºC) and in the most critical areas of the engine.

  2. Allows fuel savings as its low viscosity ensures quick oil circulation at start-up and reduced friction during engine operation.

  3. Long-life lubricant in service.

  4. Very low volatility, thus achieving a lower lubricant consumption.

  5. Its low content in SAPS allows optimal operation of the catalytic converters and DPF particle filters, reducing gas emissions and extending the useful life of the filters, respectively.

  6. Its careful formulation allows it to maintain a high level of cleaning and protection of the engine against acidic agents.

Container sizes


ACEA C5-16

Health and safety

ACEA C5-16