MatraX Lubricants uses their very own laboratories to develop the chemical formulae behind the ranges of organic and synthetic lubricants within their catalogue.


Having ultimate control over the research and development processes at the lab is the hallmark as well as a necessary starting point for a project which is committed to bringing efficiency, innovation and quality solutions to the engine lubricant market. Such processes place a very strong emphasis on the design of quality lubricants (always following the ISO regulations) that are distinctive and efficient as well as environmentally sustainable.

Tecnología e innovación


A diverse and distinctive range

Throughout the years the MatraX labs have developed an extensive range of distinctive solutions for both heavy and light, two and four stroke engines, manual and automatic transmissions as well as for other automotive specific fluids. MatraX has also developed lubricants which are specific to machinery used in a range of sectors such as agriculture, the food industry, manufacturing or off-highway equipment including compressors, metalworking, turbines and release, hydraulic, perforation or thermal transfer fluids. Amongst MatraX’ latest ongoing projects, there is the development of a complete range of lubricants for hybrid engines (MatraX Hybrid).