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MatraX Heavy Sintesis 10W30

Very high performance and synthetic composition oil for heavy diesel engines operating in severe conditions and with Super Extended Oil Drain. Especially designed for new generation heavy vehicles with low emissions, European and American, which meet and exceed standards Euro 3 and Euro 4.


  1. Indicated for modern engines with any type of technology or from any manufacturer (European as well as American), used in extremely severe conditions and operated over long distances.
  2. Its synthetic nature contributes to increasing the cleanliness of the pistons and its low volatility helps lower pollution, which is a requirement of standards Euro 3 and Euro 4.
  3. Provides good protection during starts, preventing the formation of sludge.
  4. Maximum protection in the polishing of liners in TIR long distance vehicles and buses under severe operating conditions.
  5. Long oil change intervals without affecting the duration of the engine thanks to its synthetic bases and its excellent additives.
  6. Stable at high temperatures.

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API CI-4 · Mack EO-N/EO-M Plus · Cummins CES 20076/20077 · Caterpillar ECF-2