MatraX InFluX A7 5W30

New generation 100% synthetic lubricating oil of required use in engines requiring ACEA A7/B7. Developed to achieve optimum wear protection for turbocharged petrol engines and a special protection against deposits in the turbocharger of diesel engines, all while achieving exceptional fuel savings and long change intervals.


  1. Easy cold start, which provides great protection against wear, even in the most critical areas.
  2. Allows achieving long change periods.
  3. The lubricant film remains active even under the most severe conditions thanks to its high viscosity index.
  4. Special protection against LSPI (low speed pre-ignition) even at low speeds and high pressures.
  5. Excellent fuel savings and reduced CO2 emissions.

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ACEA C2-21 · ACEA A5/B5 · ACEA A7/B7 · API SN Plus / SP · ILSAC GF-6 · MB 229.61 · Renault RN0700/RN0710