Preview Russian F1 GP 2019: Mercedes chance to stop Ferrari 
Just five days after the night battle at Marina Bay, the Formula 1 World Championship is traveling to Russian F1 GP 2019 for the sixteenth scale of the calendar. The event is taking place this weekend in the streets of the Sochi Olympic Village

Mercedes arrives in Sochi with every intention of putting an end to its enemies’ lucky streak. Ferrari added last week its third consecutive win (BelgianItalian and Singapore), a feat which hadn’t happened since 2008.

In theory, tje team of the star are the favourites to take the victory at a track that is traditionally favourable to the W10. The German team has won in Russia since 2014 and, as Mercedes’ sports director, Toto Wolf, himself has recognised to the press, they are eager to climb to the top of the podium once again, now at the Russian F1 GP 2019.


Another victory of Ferrary?

After what has happened over the last three races, one cannot rule out another surprise from the reborn Italian team. The SF90 seems to have taken a great leap in versatility and it now performs a lot better in circuits that were traditionally unsuited to it.
One just has to look at what happened last week in Marina Bay where Ferrari got a legendary 1-2. The configuration of the Russian layout, which demands both high aerodynamic efficiency and high top speed and power, could now be perfect for the red missile. A new victory of the Scuderia is possible at the Russian F1 GP 2019.

Meanwhile, Red Bull, disappointed with their third place in Singapore, will try and hold on to their position in a circuit where they have never had a single podium. It seems that, at least theoretically, the blue cars will not add their third win of the season in the land of the tsars.


Midfield: McLaren vs Renault

As for the midfield, McLaren is expected to increase its lead at the Russian F1 GP 2019. Its main driver, Carlos Sainz, will try to break the curse that has prevented him from scoring any points over the last three races. The driver from Madrid hasn’t had a chance to come in the points since the holiday break.

As for Renault they will continue with their role of preventing the British team from opening up an even greater distance in their battle for the fourth place of the Manufacturers’ Title. Currently, the French Scuderia is 22 points below the team from Woking. Things, however, are in no way decided with six races still remaining before the final curtain is lowered on the 2019 season. 

Russian GP fact sheet:

  1.  First edition: 2014. Winner: Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes). 

  1.  Number of races held: 5. Headquarters: Sochi Autodrome (5).

  1.  Most winner driver: Lewis Hamilton (3). 

  1.  Driver with the most poles: Nico Rosberg (2). 

  1.  Team with the most wins: Mercedes (5). 

  1.  Teams with the most poles: Mercedes (4) and Ferrari (3).

  1.  The race runs counterclockwise.



Sochi Autodrom stats:

  1.  Circuit length: 5,848 meters

  1.  Number of corners: 18 (12 right-handed and 6 left-handed).

  1.  Number of laps: 53.

  1.  Total race distance: 309, 745 km.

  1.  Tire stress: Low (2).

  1.  Adherence: Medium-high (3).

  1.  Aerodynamic load: High (4).

  1.  Asphalt abrasion: Low (2).

  1.  The accelerator is pressed at a maximum level 56% of the time.

  1.  The brake is fully pressed 10% of the race.

  1.  The circuit has 12 braking zones.

  1.  High fuel consumption

  1.  Average pit-stop: 21 seconds.

  1.  Tire range: Hard, C2; Media, C3; Soft, C4.

  1.  Fastest lap in the race: 1: 35.861 – Valtteri Bottas – Mercedes – (2018).

  1.  Fastest pole position: 1: 31.387 – Valtteri Bottas – Mercedes – (2018).


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