MatraX new and exclusive range of oils for both light and heavy-duty engines 

At MatraX Lubricants we have just launched a new range of top-quality oils for both petrol and diesel, light and heavy-duty engines. This expansion of our product catalogue is aimed at best serving the specific needs of each particular customer as … Continued

MatraX new and exclusive range of oils for both light and heavy-duty engines 

MatraX Sintesis 10W40: A top-of-the-range lubricant for light engines

MatraX Lubricants boasts a comprehensive range of products specifically tailored for light engines (Automotive Division). Amongst its eighteen different labels we find the MatraX Sintesis 10W40.  Thanks to its top-of-the-range synthetic formulation, this motor oil gives extraordinary protection to both diesel and petrol. latest generation engines of road … Continued

Croatia Rally 2022: Rovanperä defeats Tänak in the final stage  

There is no denying it, he is made of the stuff of champions. This Sunday, seemingly unaffected by the mounting pressure,  his enormous skill and talent have done it again. Kalle Rovanperä (Toyota) has achieved his second consecutive victory of the season after … Continued

Preview Croatia WRC 2022: Rovanperä defends leadership in hostile territory  

After a two-month hiatus, the World Rally Championship is back this weekend (April 21-24) with the third round of the season, the Croatia Rally. The country, back in the WRC calendar following its 2021 debut, will be the first race of the hybrid era … Continued

MatraX Lubricants Range for Heavy Machinery 

One of the ten product lines of the Automotive Division at MatraX Lubricants alongside Light Engines, Heavy Engines, Hybrid Engines, Two-Stroke Engines, Four-Stroke Engines, Manual Transmissions, Automatic Transmissions, Automotion Special Fluids & Agriculture. is dedicated to heavy machinery typically used in public engineering works. We have a range … Continued