MatraX Heavy InfluX 5W30 FA: Outstanding protection and fuel economy

MatraX Lubricants has recently launched eight new labels within its heavy engine range. One of those new products is the MatraX Heavy InfluX 5W30 FA, a top-quality, fully synthetic lubricant for heavy diesel engines. This oil provides an outstanding degree of mechanical protection, and fuel savings of more than 1%. 

Thanks to its low SAPS content (Sulphated ash, Phosphorus and Sulphur), this lubricant is especially suitable for the latest generation engines equipped with post-treatment systems.

Such devices include diesel particulate filters (DPF), exhaust gas recirculation systems (EGR) as well as engines employing selective catalytic reduction (SCR). Likewise, its bespoke combination of additives allows for longer drain intervals, reducing maintenance costs and servicing time. 

On top of this, the Heavy InfluX 5W30 FA has shown to be very effective in controlling deposit build-up thanks to its excellent rust protection, thermal stability and cleansing capacity. In addition, our lubricant maintains its properties and excellent pumpability intact at low temperatures, successfully combating wear in the most critical parts of the engine. 

European certification

All MatraX’s products, including the Heavy InfluX 5W30 FA, adhere to the European Engine Lubricant Quality Management System (EELQMS). This internationally recognised body, assures the quality of automotive engine lubricants according to the parameters, requirements and manufacturing procedures of the European Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA) and other global entities. This accreditation demonstrates our company’s commitment to providing reliable products of the highest quality to our customers and partners. 

The MatraX Lubricants brand is part of the Alves Bandeira Group, and it specialises in the manufacture of top-tier lubricants for the automotive industry. Our product lines include light engines, heavy engines, two-stroke engines, four-stroke engines, industrial machinery, manual and automatic transmissions as well as other fluids and special lubricants. 

Finally, the MatraX Heavy InfluX 5W30 FA comes in 1-litre, 5-litre, 20-litre, 50-litre, 208-litre and 1,000-litre containers, to suit our client’s every need. 

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