Seven F1 teams rise up against the FIA and Ferrari  

All of the teams that make up the Formula 1 2020 grid (With the exception of those carrying a Ferrari engine: Haas and Alfa Romeo) have released a joint statement this past Wednesday against the private deal between the FIA and Ferrari regarding the conclusions of the enquiry into the latter’s 2019-spec power unit. 

In the statement, the seven teams (Mercedes, Red Bull, Renault, McLaren, Racing Point, Alpha Tauri and Williams) express their ‘surprise’ and ‘shock’ after the obscure ‘settlement’ signed by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile and the team from Maranello

In their letter of complaint, the seven teams have not only expressed their dismay at the obscure way in which things have been done, but have also threatened with legal action against both the FIA and Ferrari. By making a joint statement the signatories want to display an image of unity despite each of them sending the letter individually. 

This could be just the first chapter of a very long legal battle. Now it is time to wait and see what the addressees of the complaint have to say in their defence

For most of the past season, and right from the beginning of the year calendar, the Italian engines were suspected of not complying with the regulations and were heavily scrutinised by the other teams. Initially, it was thought that fuel was being burnt in such a way to help generate more power.

Later on, the engine was suspected of receiving more fuel than allowed thanks to a ‘magic devise’ that would circumvent fuel flow regulations. The FIA, however, could not detect any anomaly. 

In any case, the inexplicable performance leap of the Prancing Horse allowed them to take several consecutive pole positions and get to dominate the classifying sessions. Soon into the season, the miraculous superiority of the red cars started to raise suspicions in the paddock. Amidst the atmosphere of mistrust, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen even declared before the press at the 2019 USA GP that Ferrari was cheating”. 


Ahora, transcurridos varios meses de investigaciones por parte d

Conspiracy theories aside, the truth is that after teams started filing queries regarding Ferrari’s performance the FIA ended up closing a loophole in the regulations that apparently affected the Prancing Horse cars. After that, Ferrari suffered another unexplained loss of performance

Three months on after the end of last season and with the end of the investigations by the organism that regulates world motor racing sports, the FIA issued an odd and vague press release on the 28th of February and opened Pandora’s box. On that note, some technical anomalies of the Italian engine were implicitly acknowledged. 

The joint statement of complaint by the seven teams

“We, the undersigned teams, were surprised and shocked by the FIA’s statement of Friday 28 February regarding the conclusion of its investigation into the Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 Power Unit.”

“An international sporting regulator has the responsibility to act with the highest standards of governance, integrity and transparency. After months of investigations that were undertaken by the FIA only following queries raised by other teams, we strongly object to the FIA reaching a confidential settlement agreement with Ferrari to conclude this matter.”

“Therefore, we hereby state publicly our shared commitment to pursue full and proper disclosure in this matter, to ensure that our sport treats all competitors fairly and equally. We do so on behalf of the fans, the participants and the stakeholders of Formula One. In addition, we reserve our rights to seek legal redress, within the FIA’s due process and before the competent courts.”

Images of FIA and Ferrari : Scuderia Ferrari.

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