Do Toto Wolff and Lawrence Stroll want to buy Mercedes?

The German newspaper Bild recently published that the sports director of the Formula 1 Mercedes team, Toto Wolff, and his friend Lawrence Stroll, owner of the Racing Point team, would intend to take over the German team.


According to the German newspaper, they would pay the operation with part of the Aston Martin shares that they both own. With this transaction, the German team would remain in the premier category of motorsports, including its factory in Brackley (Great Britain), but without the powerful support of the parent company, Daimler, and losing its original name.

In other words, the new Aston Martin -current Racing Point- ‘would inherit’ the structure of the only champion of the hybrid era of the specialty.


It should be recalled that the Austrian leader recently acquired 0.95 percent of the shares of the British manufacturer, which subsequently passed into the hands of the Canadian millionaire. For its part, Stroll would have acquired the English brand, among other things, to rename its current team (Racing Point) with that name (Aston Martin) in the premier class from 2021 on.


Since Wolff´s  strange purchase of was known, rumors about his possible farewell to the Teutonic group (he holds 30 percent of the shares) were unleashed. Its renewal, still pending, has generated a lot of buzz: Woll ends his contract this year and negotiations about his future are up in the air.

Images: Mercedes.

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