New alliance: Porsche buys 50% stake in Red Bull Racing  

Just 48 hours before the start of the Hungarian GP, the last round of the season before the summer holidays, a piece of news has hit the paddock like a bombshell.  An official document has emerged that confirms the buy-in of a 50% stake in Red Bull Racing by the German manufacturer Porsche. 

Pending formal confirmation, it is expected that the German firm will become the new engine supplier of the Austrian Formula 1 team. Both giants would have finally united forces in the speciality. 

In order for the operation to materialise, it had to obtain the approval of all of the authorities of the anti-trust regulations signatory countries. This process aims to ensure that transactions of this nature comply with all market laws. In addition to the European Union, the acquisition request had to be submitted in twenty countries outside the Old Continent. 

Marruecos reveals the operation  

One of those nations, Morocco, is the one that has released the documents as its legal system requires the publication of this kind of information once it has been approved. The Conseil de la Concurrence released the official papers once Porsche and Red Bull had detailed every aspect of their intended partnership. 

The document states that on July 8 Porsche notified the Conseil of a ten-year partnership with Red Bull, hinting that the agreement will be formally announced on August 4. Although the agreement is limited to the acquisition of 50% of Red Bull Technology, it is widely expected that the alliance will also extend to the Formula 1 team, the true purpose of the operation. 

In this unexpected and involuntary way, the North African authorities have anticipated the news of Porsche’s return to Formula One. The official announcement, however, should have taken place three weeks ago during the Austrian GP but then the FIA didn’t approve the new 2026 engine regulations in their June 29 meeting. The official approval of the regulations was a pre-requisite for the German manufacturer to announce its return to Formula One. Everything now indicates that a green light will be given to both issues in time for the Belgian GP. 


What will happen with Alpha Tauri?  

The big question now arises as to what will happen with Alpha Tauri. Red Bull’s younger brother is not mentioned in the agreement and therefore its future remains unknown. The most likely outcome would be for Tauri to also carry Porsche engines. Both formations have had strong ties and collaborated closely since their inception. Another option would be to become Porsche’s own team or, although less likely, to become a Honda team if the Japanese firm decides to buy it. Only one thing remains clear, and that is that the Faenza team will remain under the complete control of Red Bull. 


In pursuit of their old F1 glory  

Porsche was an active F1 engine supplier between 1958 and 1964 and over 35 Grand Prix, achieving one victory, one pole and five podiums. Almost twenty-five years later, under the name ‘TAG Porsche’, they conquered the constructors’ crowns in 1984 and 1985 and were runners-up in the two subsequent seasons. Will they spread the champagne again?

Images: Red Bulll Racing.

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