MatraX Lubricants coming soon to the Middle East

Quality and competitiveness are two key components of MatraX Lubricant’s ethos. Both qualities fit perfectly well in countries that clearly strive for the top within the automotive industry. It is within this context that the European firm is preparing its arrival in the Middle East where it will offer products from its highest range: MatraX InfluX. This line will soon be available at luxury-car mechanic workshops across the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council)

MatraX Lubricant will therefore make its debut in the Middle East offering its greatest range: The MatraX InfluX, a series of lubricants which is ideally suited for luxury vehicles. The lubricants start with a synthetic base, which enhances the performance of top-of-the-range engines, and are developed with the most advanced, next-generation formulations, as well as being accredited by BMW, Mercedes-Benz and the Volkswagen Group. MatraX Lubricants’ products are also certified by the European and American Automobile Manufacturer’s Association (ACEA and API).

The lubricant has a key impact on the engine’s quality of life and this is why MatraX Lubricants is bringing the best of its ranges to prime locations such as the GCC. One of the many properties of the MatraX InfluX 5W30 lubricant is, for instance, its anti-corrosion power, which protects the engine under extreme weather conditions such as the routine high temperatures often experienced in the countries of the GCC.

Bringing our top range

The arrival in these new markets is part of MatraX Lubricants’ strategic development plan which gives priority to luxury series as well as products with a high level of technological development. The company has just celebrated its tenth anniversary; ten years of steady growth and development: They are present in 35 countries and have developed an extensive range of products to suit the needs of the automotive industry.

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