Marc Marquez’ return date still unknown

After seven months of silence (July 25, 2020, at the Jerez Circuit), Marc Marquez is back to answer the questions of the press. The expectations ahead of the press conference were such that many forecast the announcement of his return… which added to the overall disappointment. 

The six-time MotoGP champion sincerely acknowledged that his return to the track will depend on how the healing of his right arm evolves. Marquez was operated on for the third time in December in Madrid. 

During the online meeting with the media, he also revealed that, following medical advice, he had to renounce to take part in the preseason test sessions on March 6-7 & 10-12 in Qatar.

In any case, he still has hopes, albeit remote, of reappearing for the inaugural round of the Championship, on March 28, at the Persian Gulf country. 

Marc Marquez, optimistic, but more conservative

“I still have no idea but I try to be optimistic. I will not be at the Qatar tests, which was the initial goal. The second goal is to be able to take part in the first race; if that is not possible, in the second one in Qatar; and if not, in Portimao ”.

 “I’ll come back when the doctor gives me the green light. It will take time. I’m already training, but not very aggressively. When I feel that the bone is well established and the muscles are as they should, I’ll come back. Going back to one hundred per cent will take time, but at least I will be on a MotoGP”– Said the Catalan pilot -. 

As confirmed by the #93, the fragile state of his upper arm prevents him from putting a specific date to his return and he can only speak of tentative timescales.

Very conscious of the importance of taking the necessary time to heal, he has reminded the press on a few occasions of the fact that: “there are many races, but only one body”.

His last surgery took place in Madrid, unlike the first two ones which were performed by Dr Xavier Mir in Barcelona. After his third visit to the operating theatre, his discourse regarding his return to action has understandably become a lot more conservative. 

His return is now solely subjected to the complete clearing of the infection in his humerus and to the full consolidation of the bone. After that, he will need to rebuild the muscles of his right arm in order to be able to withstand the physical demands of a MotoGP beast. 

March check-up, a key date

Marquez is keeping his spirits high despite knowing that he will not be present during the preseason tests. Everything now hangs on his doctor’s permission“We will see how the bone is doing at the mid-March check-up and then decide if I can race in Qatar or not”. 

“From there onwards, we will draw up a new schedule. Once the doctor gives you the thumbs-up you need days to get the arm in shape and be in a good enough state of form to ride MotoGP; I have already been doing cardio training. My first race will be like my preseason and then we’ll see how long I need to regain an optimal form”. 

“I have almost recovered all of the shoulder’s mobility, but not much strength. We do not work both arms in the same way. I never exceed the 2-3 kilos in any exercise, that is how the doctor and the ‘physio’ have planned it. The difference with the other arm is to be at 20% more or less” – Explained Marquez who despite everything, is one step closer to his recovery. 

Marc, cautious about 2021 targets

Marc has also been very cautious as he was asked about his overall objectives for the current championship. Given his competitive nature, however, it is certain that he will fight for his seventh MotoGP crown if he has the slightest chance to do so: 

“I don’t have a clear objective. For now, I’m not thinking about the championship, but I am not ruling myself out as the winner”. 

Images of Marc Marquez: HRC.

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