Marc Marquez one step closer to recovery
It seems that Marc Márquez is beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel on his long road to recovery. Almost fifty days after the third intervention (December 3) on his right arm, the legendary pilot from Cervera has published a photograph of himself exercising on his social networks. In the image, he appears on a stationary bicycle, although he still wears the elaborate splint that has been with him for several months.
Although it may seem like a very simple form of physical activity, it is an important step forward in his recovery process. It is worth noting that he hadn’t attempted any physical activity whatsoever since he was discharged from the clinic and returned to his Lleida home. It appears though, that he is making progress on his long and much-awaited road to recovery.

Still a long road ahead before he is fighting fit

It is obvious, however, that he still has a long and tortuous road ahead of him before he is able to compete again. An example of his delicate state of health is the fact that, as his condition began to worsen, he had to abandon the static bike exercises that he commenced after going under the knife for the second time.
As he starts to get stronger, he will then move onto training on a conventional bicycle, before he can ride a simple road motorcycle. Then, and only then, and if  Marc Marquez´ arm responds as it should, will come the moment of truth: to climb atop a MotoGP beast. The power and sudden movements of the MotoGP frames put great strain on the upper extremities.
Until then, the most important thing is to ensure that the infection is completely gone and that the new plate can help in the healing of his fractured bone structure.
At least, the latest Covid-19-induced cancellations could play in his favour as far as his return to the circuits is concerned. Last week it was announced that the pre-season tests of the 19 to 21 of February at the Sepang International Circuit (Malaysia) have been suspended. Shortly thereafter, however, a new winter testing schedule was released, with the first sessions taking place in Qatar from March 5.
Although we can’t know for sure at this point if Marc Marquez will be present in Qatar, it seems highly unlikely, if not impossible, for him to be ready to get on his bike so soon. Since the opening round of the 2020 World Championship, he hasn’t taken part in a single race.
Also, previous mistakes have made both, the Honda star and his team, to become painfully aware of the importance to make a full recovery before attempting a return to the competition. Only Marc’s fitness and wellbeing will determine when he resumes his racing career. The Spaniard broke his humerus at the at the Spanish GP in Jerez, July 19th.

The third and hopefully last surgery  

After his two initial interventions (July 21 and August 3), performed by his trusted physician Doctor Mir, failed to mend his left arm, Marc Marquez underwent a surprise third operation on December 3 at the Ruber International Hospital in Madrid.
During this new surgery, directed by Dr Samuel Antuña, the existing plate was replaced by another similar prosthesis with a graft from his own iliac crest. During the intervention, however, a pseudoarthrosis was discovered in the affected humerus, forcing the pilot to remain in hospital for an additional ten days in order to receive antibiotic treatment. He was finally discharged on December 13.
A month later, on January 14, and after a medical examination, his team issued a statement informing on the health of patient #93. The press release confirmed that his clinical and radiographic evolution was satisfactory considering the period of time that had elapsed since his latest surgery.
The note also informed that he continues with the antibiotic treatment and with a rehabilitation program adjusted to his clinical situation.
Image of Marc Marquez: Marc Marquez Twitter.

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