The IVECO S-Way R is roaring, the new terror of the European Truck Racing!

Italian manufacturer IVECO has recently revealed the IVECO S-Way R, its new weapon to strike the 2020 European Truck Championship (ETRC).

The debut has taken place on the heavy truck test track in Ulm (Germany) with the crown- defender, the German Jochen Hahn (Team Hahn Racing), and his compatriot Steffi Halm (Schwabentruck Team), at the wheel.

And without a doubt the first sensations could not have been more positive, despite no checkered flag on the track: “The IVECO S-WAY R is the best racing truck – without going overboard – we’ve ever built. I am eager to see what this ‘animal’ is capable of doing on the track,” said the six-time champion of the category.

With the aim of dominating the continental competition, the new IVECO truck has significant design and engineering  improvements. Among others, it incorporates a more efficient aerodynamics that decreases the resistance to advance coefficient or CX by 12%, which translates into a 4% of fuel saving.

To see the IVECO S-WAY R in action, we have to wait until August 31 in the Czech Republic. It will be during the start of the competition, which has reduced its events from eight to six due to the impact of the pandemic.


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