Carlos Sainz: “I want to say goodbye to McLaren as a gentleman”

Just a week after his brand-new signing for the Ferrari team, Carlos Sainz has been interviewed on a tv program where he has reviewed this news and other aspects of the Formula 1, both present and future.

Two months of negotiations

 “It´s been very weird, with the coronavirus pandemic in the middle, although what I have lived these two months has been quite intense, with my father and the constant calls with my cousin-manager ‘Caco.’ Although it has been quite rare we have organized pretty well. ”

Say goodbye to McLaren with a great year

“I have a year ahead different of all the previous ones. It requires my maximum concentration. Also I look forward to leaving McLaren with my homework well done. I got very fond of McLaren and I am grateful for the opportunity they have given me and how they have helped me to make the best of myself. “

Eager to return to work

“Now I am a little fed up and tired of being at home. During the first three weeks I took the opportunity to diet and play sports and get stronger and fitter. But the weeks went by, and this never ends. It starts to get long. I want to go to London now, be busy, go to McLaren to prepare everything”.

Images of Carlos Sainz: Carlos Sainz Twitter


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