Carlos Sainz signs for Ferrari for 2021 and 2022

F1 Scuderia Ferrari announced Thursday that it has recruited current McLaren driver Carlos Sainz for 2021 and 2022, replacing German Sebastian Vettel. The Madrid driverr will be Charles Leclerc‘s new partner.

Carlos Sainz has expressed his happiness about the signing with these words:

I am very happy to know that I will drive for Scuderia Ferrari in 2021 and I am excited about my future in the team. I still have an important year ahead with McLaren and I am looking forward to competing with them again this season.”

In this way, he has made the dream of becoming the third Spanish to compete for the ‘Cavallino Rampante’ team, after Marqués de Portago (1956-1957) and Fernando Alonso (2010-2014).

For this, he has ‘defeated’ Daniel Ricciardo, the other favorite to take over the vacant position of the four-time German champion in the legendary squad.

It is clear that economic issues have influenced the negotiations, since its cache is less than that of the Australian at Renault.

But above all else, his professional virtues – consistency, regularity, ability to work and sacrifice – and his human virtues – empathy, team spirit, character – have been essential.

Turning 25 in his fifth season at the Grand Circus, his first at McLaren, he has reached a high degree of maturity. Thus, in 2019 he obtained his best result by finishing sixth in the Drivers’ Classification, and also boosted those from Woking to fourth place -first in the middle zone- of the Constructors Standings.


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