F1 Abu Dhabi GP 2019: The grand finale   

The Formula 1 World Championship 2019 comes to an end this weekend with the celebration of the F1 Abu Dhabi GP 2019 at the Yas Marina Circuit. The competition arrives at its grand finale with both the driver and team titles already decided (Mercedes)  but there are other coveted positions still up for grabs.

The third place of the individual standings, for instance, is still very much in the air. Its current owner, Max Verstappen (Red Bull), could be easily toppled by Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) who is eleven points behind.

The Monegasque’s teammate in La Scuderia, Sebastian Vettel, is currently fifth and his chances of getting the bronze position are remote. The German four-time champion would even struggle to take his Leclerc’s fourth place. Everyone is waiting to see how both the red cars behave on the track this time around after their crash in Brazil.

A little further down in the standings another exciting battle awaits at the F1 Abu Dhabi GP 2019. Spaniard, Carlos Sainz (McLaren), and a reborn Pierre Gasly (Toro Rosso) are tied at 96 points in the sixth and seventh positions, respectively.

After achieving his first-ever F1 podium in Brazil, the driver from Madrid is on fire. Both rivals, however, might be joined in the fight by Alex Albon who would want to try and gain the position which traditionally (at the wheel of one of the Red Bulls) has belonged to him.

Also in jeopardy is Daniel Ricciardo’s (Renault) ninth place. The Australian currently has 54 points, only eight more than Mexican Sergio Pérez. The driver from Guadalajara will be eager to say goodbye to the year with a good result, particularly having steadily grown throughout the season only to be let down time and again by the shortcomings of his pink car.

Regarding the Constructors’ Championship, an intense battle has also been going on for the fifth place. The French team will be defending this position in Abu Dhabi against Toro Rosso, only eight points behind. Despite seemingly a minor objective, there are important economic incentives behind it.

The F1 Abu Dhabi GP 2019 will also be an emotional day as both Robert Kubica (Williams) and Nico Hulkenberg (Renault) will be saying goodbye to the competition. Kubica’s return to F1 after an eight-year absence caused by a dramatic accident has not gone quite as expected.

At the wheel of the less competitive car on the grid, the FW42, his return has been disappointing for everyone. Next season, he will be replaced by Canadian debutant and current Formula 2 driver Nicolas Latiffi.

Hulkenberg has also been forced to say goodbye. The German driver has gone from being the cornerstone of Enstone’s project to being completely left out of it, after Ricciardo’s signing. The German driver waited until the end for an offer from Red Bull which never came. The team from Milton Keynes opted for the Anglo-Thai driver instead.

F1 Abu Dhabi GP 2019 Stats

  1. First edition: 2009. Winner: Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull).
  2. Number of races: 10. Yas Marina (10).
  3. Most winner drivers: Lewis Hamilton (4) y Seb Vettel (3).
  4. Most poles drivers: Lewis Hamilton (4) y Seb Vettel (2).
  5. Most wins by team: Mercedes (5) y Red Bull (3).
  6. Most poles by team: Mercedes (5) y Red Bull (3).


Yas Marina Circuit facts & figures

  1.  Track length: 5.554 meters.
  2.   Turns: 21 (9 right & 12 left).
  3.   Laps: 55.
  4.   Race distance: 305,355 km.
  5.   Tyre stress: Low (2).
  6.   Adherence: Low (2).
  7.   Aerodynamic load: Medium (3).
  8.   Asphalt abrasion: Low (2).
  9.   The accelerator is fully pressed 60 % of the time at each lap.
  10.   The track has 2 DRS zone.
  11.   Average pit-stop: 21 seconds.
  12.   Tyre range: Hard, C3; Medium, C4; Soft, C5.
  13.   Fastest in-race lap: :40.279 – Seb Vettel – Red Bull (2009).
  14.   Fastest pole: 1:34.794 – Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes (2018).
  15.  Top registered speed: 347,2 km – Seb Vettel – Ferrari (2016).
  16.  Race direction: Counterclockwise.

Images of F1 Abu Dhabi GP 2019: F1.com

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