Marc Márquez reflects on the current season 

Marc Márquez has answered his first questions for the press in Spain this Tuesday after sealing his sixth MotoGP World Champion Title (his eight title across categories) in Thailand just two days before. 

The busy press conference took place at the Campus Repsol headquarters in Madrid, the firm that sponsors Marquez’ team. At the event, the Spaniard champion has gone over some of the key issues in the current season.

An almost perfect year

“Although there is always room for improvement, this has been an almost perfect, dream year because we have won the title. That was our main objective. We are also very proud of the way we have achieved it. And I say ‘we’ because all of my team and the people around me, all those people who help me every day, should be up here with me. Together we keep on winning titles, races and poles. And next year we will try and fight for another title”.

Why wasn’t it a perfect season?

Displaying a level of self-demand to match his level as a pilot, Marc Marquez has explained why this was not a perfect season: 

“It was only almost perfect because when you get too confident, mistakes happen. And that was what happened to me where we least expected it, in United States. I fell because I was too relaxed leading the race with a four-second advantage. That has taught me that one must always be 100% and learn from one’s mistakes. You can always improve“.

What can you improve on after such an incredible year?  

“It is true that it has been a very good year and that it will be difficult to improve. But when I watch one of my idols, such as Rafa Nadal, dispute a match, in the end, he always improves some aspect of his performance. That’s where I try to place the mirror and try to improve and learn from my mistakes. It is clear that, in this sport, it is your rivals that set the level. It is in that aspect that we will try to take another step forward. Although the year has clearly been very good one must always try to improve”. 

Does Honda tailor the bike just for you?

“My teammates have an identical bike to mine and in some races they find it a little harder than me and in others a little less hard than me. I believe that Honda makes a bike and it is the pilot who must have the ability to adapt to it. It is a positive thing for all of the pilots who drive the same bike to provide similar feedback and guidelines for its development but one has to know how to adapt and get 100% from each situation”.

Images of Marc Márquez: Box Repsol.

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