2019 Formula 1 car launches 

Here we review most of the 2019 Formula 1 car launches and bring you all of the first shots. From the almighty Mercedes, to its closest contender Ferrari, to the new Red Bull and McLaren. Do not miss it.

Here you are 10 teams & 22 drivers of the Formula 1 grid that will be running for preseason testing at the Barcelona Circuit from Monnay February 18th. And don´t forget to check the 2019 Formula 1 calendar to follow everything that happens in this exciting season.


Haas VF19

2019 Formula 1 car launches started on the past 7th of February with Haas. This is the fourth vehicle with which the American formation will fight for the fourth place. The inconsistency of its pilots prevented the team to win such coveted position last year.

The lineup however, remains unchanged this season with Frenchman Romain Grosjean and his Danish teammate Kevin Magnussen.  Their concept does not break with but evolves from its predecessor. The arrival of the new sponsor, Rich Energy, has dyed the VF19 intense black with golden touches, evokes the legendary Lotus of the last century. 

Technically the most notable change is in the larger and deeper front wing as it is dictated by the new regulations which are intended (in theory) to facilitate overtaking. The design of the wing has been simplified and the aerodynamic appendages of 2018 have disappeared together with the endplates and the cascade of flaps on the back. In the nose, there is a new S-Duct.

The new model also incorporates double-rimmed wheels for improved cooling. The mirrors have a longer support and are complemented by some extra ones which rest on the upper part of the pontoon. At the rear there is the unusual stacked arrangement of the exhaust; a clear inspiration from Ferrari. Also following new regulations, the rear spoiler endplates are larger and with no grooves.

Williams FW42

Williams unveiled its car, the FW42, on Monday the 11th of February at the Grove factory in Britain. The British car was brandishing a new sky blue and white livery following their new sponsorship deal with telecommunications company ROKIT in replacement of Martini.



After classifying last in the team standings in 2018, the second most successful Scuderia in history is hoping to come back from its ashes. Their ambitions rest in the hands of Polish driver Robert Kubica, who returns to the sport after eight years of absence, and of English rookie George Russell.


The FW42 has larger and more straightforward front and rear wings. The bargeboards, without the boomerang wing, are simpler and the mirrors have been moved away from the cockpit.

Toro Rosso STR14

Later on Monday Toro Rosso unveiled its STR14 online. A very minimalist  2019 Formula 1 car launches which only showed a few renders through their YouTube channel and other social networks. The design of the car follows that of its predecessor and it preserves the blue and red colours of the famous energy drink.

The STR14 is fitted once again with a Honda engine. The most important changes are found at the rear of the car and within the smaller air inlets of the pontoons. The bargeboards are also smaller to comply with the regulatory changes but the STR14 retains its nose S-Duct.

The overall design is reminiscent of the 2019 Haas, and therefore, of the Ferrari of previous years. The official line-up is made up of Russian Daniil Kvyat and the Thai-British rookie Alex Albon.

Renault RS19

On Tuesday the 12th of February it was the turn for the Renault RS19, unveiled at its headquarters in Enstone (United Kingdom) and also through social networks.

The French rocket retains its trademark black and yellow colours. The Estrella Galicia sponsorship has disappeared from its livery, due to Carlos Sainz’ departure to McLaren.

As with the rest of the cars, the ailerons and bargeboards have been modified to comply with 2019 regulations. The rear spoiler incorporates a second support and a small wing has been installed between this and the pontoons. Nico Hulkenberg and star Daniel Ricciardo, will attempt to sneak into one of the positions of honour on board their new RS19.

Mercedes W10

The ‘Super Wednesday’ started with the grid’s favourite, Mercedes, unveiling via social networks the weapon with which they will pursue their sixth consecutive Driver and Constructor Titles. Moments later Valtteri Bottas and teammate Lewis Hamilton, who wants to achieve Michael Schumacher seven titles, took the W10 for a shakedown in Silverstone.

The new car is not a ground-breaking concept but it does incorporate some innovative solutions. The air intake has been made more oval in shape and the S-Duct has been kept at the nose. The pontoons are more compact and the rear-view mirrors have been lowered.

At the rear, the T-Wing has survived while the rear wing endplates have evolved. Like other teams, they have added a second support and a tiny new wing. Finally, the tires still sport the holes that caused so much controversy in 2018. The W10 also preserves its characteristic silver colour which has expanded to the halo. On the engine cover, they have placed a universe of three-pointed stars.  It was one of the most interesting 2019 Formula 1 car launches

Red Bull and Honda

The second 2019 Formula 1 car launches on Wednesday was that of Red Bull. As in previous seasons, the Milton Keynes’ car was met with a lot of expectation. First, the launch was announced online and later on the asphalt of Silverstone for a day of filming emulating that of the Mercedes W10. There, at Silverstone, wearing the stripes of the team was Max Verstappen. The blue and red colours were just a temporary design as the firm awaits for the final livery.

The intake of the nose S-Duct has a greater opening than in 2018. Unlike other cars, the rear wing rests on a single support and the rear wing endplates show a more aggressive cut. In that same area, the car from Milton Keynes sports a pronounced ‘rake’, a trademark of the house. The greatest novelty is obviously the Honda engine which so far has not broken down.


Racing Point

The third and final launch of February the 13th was that of Racing Point. The old Force India unveiled its new car, the RP19, from Toronto, the hometown of Lawrence Stroll, the majority shareholder of the team and father of Lance who is paired with Mexican driver Checo Pérez.

Racing Point also announced its new main sponsor, the betting company Sportpesa. Its characteristic pink of sponsor BWT stills dominates the design but the hood and front and rear wings are now blue. 

McLaren MCL34

On Valentine’s day, it was the turn for McLaren. The presentation was held at its Woking headquarters and was attended by its two new pilots, the Spaniard Carlos Sainz, who takes over from his friend Fernando Alonso, and the English debutant Lando Norris.

The pair has no small challenge ahead since the team’s past five years have been the worse in its history. What first caught the eye was the electric blue colour gaining ground to the iconic orange of the body.

The nose of the car has evolved significantly as compared with that seen at the Spanish Grand Prix in 2018, although it keeps its three holes at that point. The anchor point of the upper trapezoid corresponding to the suspension has been raised.

The air intakes of the pontoons replicate the Ferrari model and the intake itself has grown and become more oval in shape. The shark fin has been streamlined but with a small hump. The rear wing has a double support and the tires have emulated the controversial holes of the Mercedes ones.

Ferrari SF90

The red beast, the only opponent able to dispute the hegemony of the German Empire, showed its claws on Friday the 15th in Maranello. The SF90 is the Prancing Horse of this new era. After 10 years without winning the title and five under the shadow of the Silver Arrows, the new creature holds the promise of reversing the situation and delivering the coveted crown.

Thehavehas been changes throughout the Scuderia starting with the replacement of team leader Maurizio Arrivabenee by Mattia Binotto. French engineer and former chief security officer of Formula 1, Laurent Mekies, has been hired as manager and its last World Champion, Kimi Raikkonen has been replaced by the young Charles Leclerc

In the livery the white has given way to the black of the main sponsor Mission Winnow in the bonnet. As expected, red continues to be the reigning colour but this is now more intense and with matt finish.

The Alfa Romeo badge has disappeared and the Italian flag has been reduced in size. As Binotto himself explained at the start of the season, the SF90 is a follow up, not a different car from its predecessor. The new model, however, features some radical solutions.

The rear axle has been considerably reduced. The endplates housed in the new wing have been trimmed at their ends. A new gill has also been added to the nose supports. The mirrors have been streamlined and are supported on the chassis and on the flow diverter rather than on the Halo, as it was the case in 2018.

The intake continues to be triangular but an element has been added in a horizontal position and the cavity located at the bottom has grown. The air intake of the pontoons is also larger. The end of the engine hood has been modified after relocating the discharge valves horizontally. Finally, the rake of the car has been reduced considerably.

2019 Formula 1 car launches: Ferrari, Mercedes, Haas, McLaren. Renault, Toro Rosso, Red Bull, Racing Point y Williams.

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