F1 at its most spectacular: Top 10 overtakes of 2017

by H. Mayor – photo: f1.com | There is nothing more spectacular in F1 than a good overtake combining the right mix of skill, technique, opportunity and power. F1 asked its fans to vote for the best overtakes of last season and has presented the resulting ranking together with a video compilation.

Many of the drivers in the grid make an appearance in the ranking as either the executors or the sufferers. This ranking helps recognise the work that drivers such as Daniel Ricciardo, author of the overtake chosen as number 1,  put on last season. In a sensational move he takes on Hulkenberg, Stroll and Massa at the start of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, in what was to be his sole victory of the season. He also features in a further two clips both with Raikkonen as his victim. It was certainly a great year for Red Bull’s leader, a growing driver which would have finished fourth if his disappointing end-of-season hadn’t coincided with Kimi Raikkonen’s recovery.

Also in the ranking

The World Champion, Lewis Hamilton, appears just once overtaking Fernando Alonso, which makes sense considering he was leading most of the races and therefore trying to avoid being overtaken himself. Sebastian Vettel features twice with two beautifully executed manoeuvres. Esteban Ocon, Carlos Sainz, Fernando Alonso and Kevin Magnussen complete the ranking. Regular names in the list are also Nico Hulkenberg, Checo Pérez, Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas, but only as mere victims of spectacular passes.

Which do you think has been the best overtake of the year? Do you agree with the ranking?

(*Video from Official F1 Channel)

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