Seven years with no news of Michael Schumacher 
Next Tuesday, December 29, it would be seven long years since that fateful accident suffered by former Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher while skiing at the resort of Meribel, in the French Alps. Since then, there has been little or no news regarding the health of the most successful Formula 1 driver in history and holder of seven crowns. The German legend is now accompanied by Lewis Hamilton at the Olympus of champions.
The scarcity of information regarding his physical condition follows the explicit wishes of the family who have been in charge of building and maintaining a wall of silence around the champion in order to prevent any leakage of information on his health. Meanwhile, and with all due respect to the right to privacy of his wife and children, there are plenty of Michael Schumacher’s fans around the world eager to have some information about their idol. 

During all these years, however, they have been prevented from knowing anything about The Red Baron and his recovery. In this climate of uncertainty, his millions of followers will mark with sadness a new anniversary of the unfortunate accident in France which resulted in some serious neurological damage, the extent of which is unknown. 

This time around, however, his legions of fans will be given a glimmer of hope in the form of his son Mick Schumacher, who next season will follow in the footsteps of his father and make his F1 debut with the American team Haas and with Russian Nikita Mazepin as teammate.

At the very least, with the arrival of his son, they will be able to see the Schumacher surname shine again in Formula 1. The 21-year-old recently responded without hesitation to the newspaper Bild regarding the unavoidable comparisons and the pressure of carrying the legacy of the great champion on his shoulder at his F1 debut on March 21 in Australia. 

“I don’t mind the question or comparisons. Each person must find their own path. Without a doubt, my father is the greatest (in Formula 1). Why should I distance myself from him? ”, Mick explained in the Sunday edition of the German newspaper. 

Despite the weight of fame and the legacy that he carries, Michael Schumacher’s son always wears a smile in his face, so reminiscent to that of his legendary father. Dynastic issues aside, Mick lands in Formula 1 with the title of Formula 2 champion under his belt, having been crowned during the final stretch of the past season. 

Back to the protagonist of this sad anniversary, who will turn 52 on January 3, little or nothing is known about how he has evolved from his injuries. Current FIA president has become one of the privileged few to be allowed to visit the Red Baron at his home, now turned into a bunker that shields him from the media.

Only on some rare instances, Jean Todt, his boss in Ferrari for many seasons, has mentioned his name to the press. In one such occasion, Todt had this to say to a French newspaper: “Mick is following on Michael’s career”,  and that brief mention was all he had to say about the great champion.

Meanwhile, Corinna, the wife of the seven-time title winner and Mick’s mother, told the cameras how “Michael has always loved the competition” a week ago at the FIA gala where her husband was given an honorary award for his career. 

Images of Michael Schumacher. Ferrari.

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