New technologies prove essential to enhance the performance of motor oils

Current market trends demand for the automotive industry to operate in a continuous process of modernisation and improvement. This is also true when it comes to lubricants. New, more sophisticated new technologies are progressively utilised to enhance the properties of motor oils. A good example of this is the MatraX InfluX range from MatraX Lubricants, a firm that has successfully integrated advanced technologies to manufacture a new generation of lubricants.

As part of this new use of technology, MatraX has for instance upgraded the formulation of the MatraX InfluX 5W30 R-LL. But how does technology help in the manufacturing of lubricants? First and foremost, it helps for the formulation to comply with the demands made by vehicle manufacturers (ACEA and the European OEM) regarding the 5W-30 type of oils. These are high-performance synthetic lubricants with a low ash content which are used by the most modern engines in passenger vehicles.

Fuel efficiency and reduced emissions

As for the newly improved MatraX Influx 5W30 R-LL, technology has helped to boost its protection against wear and corrosion. Moreover, and thanks to the anti-friction properties of this new technology, a lubricant of this type reduces fuel consumption.

In sum, this technology, which is progressively being introduced in the manufacturing of the MatraX InfluX range for passenger vehicles, helps to achieve the necessary viscosity which in turn enhances the above-mentioned benefits of fuel efficiency as well as reducing CO2 emissions. These benefits are also in line with the demands set by European regulations (such as the Euro 5); help protect the environment; and, in a more technical note, they provide the cooling power required for a good functioning of the engine. The MatraX Influx 5W30 R-LL was initially envisaged solely for Renault engines, nowadays, however, there are many brands which use the same type of engine and so it is recommended for all of them.

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