Marc Márquez: enters the realm of legends

by H. Mayor – Photo: | How far can Marc Marquez ’ story go? Just thinking about it makes your head spin after his claiming of four MotoGP world titles in five years. Even more so considering that our hero is only 24 years old. His potential is boundless. So far, and in the aftermath of the celebrations that ensued the final in Valencia, he is already being compared to other precocious legends in the history of the MotoGP. Nobody yet dares to conjure how much our champion from the small town of Cervera in Spain, is set to achieve.

The way this season has developed is enlightening to say the least. Maverick Viñales burst into the competition on-board his new Yamaha and after getting himself a few consecutive podiums left everyone feeling that things were going to change this season. At the end #93 has, quite comfortably as well, claimed the title once more in the midst of the Yamahas’ competitive collapse. Andrea Dovizioso, who was not supposed to pose any real threat made himself steadily the only candidate to dispute the title, spurring the competition on a bit this last season. The Italian rider has been a very worthy rival during this his dream year, having only faltered a bit at the end, but nonetheless getting there with a number of options still open.


It remains to be seen what would be Dovizioso’s growth in the immediate future but meanwhile, MotoGP is looking for rivals that can compete to the level of a Marc Márquez determined to make history. Valentino Rossi is an unlikely candidate as he seems to be preparing for retirement. The once very promising Maverick Viñales has put his capabilities into question after such a dreadful year with Yamaha. Besides this, his youth, talent and potential, still makes him one of the firmest aspirants to turn things around at the MotoGP World Championship… or otherwise be swallowed up by the legend of #93

Jorge Lorenzo is the other champion overshadowed by Marquez’ irruption. He has had a very lackluster year, inspiring just a few lines here and there over his great starts. Dani Pedrosa also seems to be distilling some air of remaining an extraordinary sideline act forever despite his honourable fourth position this year. Perhaps the honour will be for Johan Zarco (Rossi’s heir in Yamaha?), Petrucci or maybe someone else coming from behind.

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