Marc Márquez is back in the gym, a key moment on his recovery journey

Four weeks after undergoing a fourth operation on his right arm, Marc Márquez wanted to share his feelings and thoughts with the many fans that have supported him through his ordeal. To that effect, the six time MotoGP World Champion has published an open letter on his sponsor’s website.

The Honda pilot explained that the possibility of having to undergo a fourth intervention has been lurking since 2021. During the periodic check-ups that followed his third surgery, in fact, it became clear that his fracture had not healed completely.

Despite this, he decided to take part in the 2022 pre-season using just sheer mental strength. At the start of the championship, however, he realised that he could not ignore his physical limitations.

Still, Marc Márquez adapted his driving style to his handicapped arm and put a brave face through his suffering. Only his closest circle was aware of his delicate state of health.

The decision that change everything

Pressed by the need to act, a decision regarding a fourth surgery was taken around the time of the French GP, following a 3D tomography scan. As for his experience being operated on in the United States, Márquez has declared being surprised at his swift release from hospital and permission to fly back to Spain.

Marc Márquez has also explained how he was in pain in the two or three days that followed the intervention, but was reassured by his previous experience, in the knowledge that his pain would resolve soon, as it did. Almost immediately after, his sensations were different, and substantially more positive than following previous surgeries.

The Spaniard is now eager to start working with the physiotherapist on his arm. Before that, however, he must get the all clear from a radiological exam scheduled for mid-July, on the six week mark following his operation. Only then a recovery strategy will be drawn.

In his letter, Marc Márquez has also declared his optimism and intentions to enjoy competing again pain-free, something unthinkable until now. As for his daily physical activity, he has revealed that he walks for an hour and a half daily and is now back in the gym.

Alex Crivillé, Mick Doohan…and Rafa Nadal

The Spaniard has also thanked fans and other ex-pilots such as Alex Crivillé and Mick Doohan for their support. The two Honda ex- world champions have given him invaluable advise, after having themselves overcome very serious injuries during their careers.

Marc also mentioned Rafa Nadal as a source of constant inspiration. The most successful tennis player in history lives with chronic pain and has had to overcome numerous injuries with commitment and determination. Márquez also revealed that he got to meet his hero on the flesh at the ‘Masters 1.000’ in May at the Spanish capital.


A video to bring back hope

Just 24 hours after the release of this letter Marc Márquez published a video where he is training at the gym. In the short clip you can see the champion exercising the lower part of his body as well as his healthy left arm, while the right one rests on a sling. All in all a great step forward on his recovery.

In the film also makes an appearance his brother Alex who lives with him in Madrid, where they moved from Cervera to be nearer the doctors that are managing his recovery.

His intervention took place on the 2nd of June at the Mayo Rochester Clinic in the USA, where Spaniard surgeon Joaquín Sánchez-Cotelo serrated his humerus in order to correct the 30° rotation injury that he has been suffering from.

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