Keeping agricultural machinery in optimal condition by using the right lubricant

Agricultural machinery is routinely exposed to harsh working conditions and extreme temperatures. These circumstances call for the use of a bespoke lubricant, which optimises the vehicle’s performance and helps lengthen its life. With this in mind, MatraX Lubricants has developed its MatraX Agri product range, which tailors for the needs of agricultural machinery.

Tractors, harvesting machines, etc., are exposed to a whole range of severe weather conditions on a daily basis, but the MatraX Agri lubricants possess a very valuable quality in the fight against these extreme circumstances: they keep their high viscosity under very high temperatures and their fluidity under extremely low ones. In practical terms, this means that they prevent against corrosion when it is very hot and against freezing and cold-starting related problems when it is very cold.

Wear protection

The two flagship products from the MatraX Agri range; the MatraX Agri Sintesis 10W40 and MatraX Agri Classic 15W40, are all-around multifunctional lubricants which meet the lubrication needs of any type of agricultural machinery. To make the maintenance of agricultural machinery even easier, these lubricants can be used not only on the engine but on the transmission, hydraulic systems, clutch and even on wet brakes. Only one product for all of the vehicles’ lubrication needs.

As well as extreme temperatures, agricultural machinery is also exposed to other atmospheric hazards such as dust or humidity; and the lubricant used also plays a key role in protecting the machines against these. The MatraX Agri’s synthetic base and carefully designed package of additives help lengthening the engines’ working life. Finally, the MatraX Agri products also protect against the scuffing and wearing of all of the vehicles’ gearing.

A specific product for transmissions, hydraulic systems and wet brakes

​Within the MatraXAgri range we also find the Agri Sintesis 10W30. This is not an engine oil but one that has been specifically developed for transmissions, hydraulic and hydrostatic systems, oil cooled disc brakes for agricultural tractors, and other industrial vehicles. This lubricant not only gives better stability, keeps its fluidity under low temperatures and increases safety under extreme heat, but also allows for a smoother performance of the transmission.

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