Is Marc Marquez’ sporting career in jeopardy? 
The condition of Marc Márquez‘ right arm could turn out to be more serious than previously thought or so it seems in the aftermath of his third intervention in just four months. His latest surgery of the 3rd of December, which was performed at the Ruber International Clinic in Madrid, would have been a lot more aggressive than had been publicly acknowledged. 
As was announced previous to the eight-hour operation to mend a pseudoarthrosis of the humerus, Marc Marquez had a fragment of bone tissue from the pelvis implanted in his shoulder, but also, and unknown to the press until now, he had a vascularized graft from his own knee transplanted.
This technique is aimed at encouraging bone consolidation, in other words, to aid the regeneration of the damaged bone through the reactivation of the blood supply, essential for the new prosthesis (plate) to attach correctly. 

An unexpected infection 

During the operation, there was a further setback. An ongoing infection was discovered in the humerus. This complication meant the pilot had to stay a few extra days in hospital while receiving antibiotic treatment. 

Once this is completed and the infection has subsided, doctors will be able to check if the fractured bone is regeneratingIf everything goes to plan, it will take an estimated month and a half at least to be certain about the evolution of the injury.  

His prognosis, however, has changed for the worse in so many occasions that it would be very risky at this point to put a date to his reappearance… and the conditions under which he could compete again. Those six weeks would only mark the beginning of a long rehabilitation process. 

In medical literature, similar cases can be found where numerous interventions are necessary to correct such an injury. Added to this is the difficulty manipulating the delicate radial nerve of his right arm, which adds an extra layer of complexity to the mobility of the upper limb, an essential part of a professional motorcyclist’s fitness 

Anger and concern 

As is to be expected, the situation has generated some unease and concern for the pilot and his family. The relationship between Marc Marquez and his primary surgeon during the first two interventions, Xavier Mir, has in fact, visibly deteriorated. 

Frustrated with the lengthy recovery after his second intervention, the pilot from Repsol Honda moved his care from the Dexeus Clinic in Barcelona to Madrid and put himself in the hands of another doctor, one which by the way, is considered a world reference for this type of pathology. 

The words of Emilio Alzamora, the family’s trusted manager reflected their disappointment, as he spoke to the press on the announcement of Marc Marquez’ inability to compete for the remaining of 2020. Alzamora, a man well known for his discretion and measured ways, went so far as to affirm that: “The recovery is proving to be slower than it should because things were not done properly from the beginning”. 

The reproving words have also come directly from the seven-time MotoGP world champion. In a recent interview, the Spaniard stated: 

“I am not reckless. If I had been told that the plate could break, I would not have got on the bike again” (at the Andalusian GP practise sessions). 

Doctor Xavier Mir, responsible for those first two operations in Barcelona, has been the object of further criticism from the champion. During the above interview, Marquez also made clear who he thinks the blame should lie with:

“(…)we pilots always want to race and the responsibility to stop us from doing so, if we are not physically ready to return to the track, is with the doctors.” 

With that statement, Marz Marquez admitted he had not been ready to resume competing, and regretted that, in spite of this, his doctor gave him the green light. 

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