The cleaning and rust-preventing properties of two-stroke engines oil

Two-stroke engines are often associated to warmer climates. The reason for this is that these are the type of engines most commonly used in motorbikes, motocross bikes, stern drive engines (used by some types of boat) and even in chainsaws and lawnmowers. Two-stroke engines also need a specific type of lubricant.

Despite this type of engine being simpler in its mechanism than a four-stroke one, it does have its own particularities, and for this reason, MatraX Lubricants has designed a range of specialised products: the MatraX Bike. Generally, lubricants have multiple, across the board benefits for all engines, regardless of the machine in which these are hosted: it helps to keep the engine clean, aids its functioning, protects it under high temperatures and prevents corrosion.

The MatraX Bike range, however, provides some additional benefits; for instance, its low ash content prevents combustion and inhibits the formation of sediments around the pistons and rings. Also, these lubricants have a low quantity of carefully selected additives and a low viscosity, allowing for a rapid lubrication of all component parts, which in turn facilitates the engine start and provides great resistance to high temperatures. Another of their key properties is their high detergent and dispersant power, which keeps engines clean and free from deposits and impurities. Regarding emissions the MatraX Bike range also helps in reducing the production of smoke.

Different oils depending on the type of 2-stroke engine

The MatraX Bike lubricant range has three distinct products which are particularly suited for different types of two-stroke engines. These are; the Influx 2T, the Synthesis 2T and the Classic Evo 2T. The MatraX Bike Influx 2T is a next-generation lubricant of synthetic technology. It is particularly indicated for the latest two-stroke engine scooter models and for direct injection petrol engine technology. It is also recommended for the most powerful and high-performing of 2-stroke engines.

The MatraX Bike Synthesis 2T is also synthetic-based and, due to its low level of emissions (smokeless type), it is designed for 2-stroke scooter engines which are mainly intended for urban use. The Synthesis 2T can also be used in any other 2-stroke engine; motorbike, lawn mower, chainsaw, etc. Its two most prominent qualities are its piston seizure preventing properties, which helps lengthen the life of the bike and the fact that it is perfectly soluble in petrol.

The third of the MatraX Bike range is the Classic Evo 2T. This is a mineral-based lubricant which can be used in all types of 2-stroke engines of moderate power such as bikes, irrigation engine pumps, DIY, etc. 

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