Tim and Tom Coronel unveil their ‘beast’ for the Dakar 2020

Tim and Tom Coronel have recently unveiled ‘The Beast 3.0’ at the kart track they own in Huzlen (The Netherlands). Such is the name they have given to the vehicle that the friendly Dutch brothers will bring to the Dakar 2020 in Saudi Arabia, which is starting on the 5th of January. 

The surname of the so-called desert beast, the 3.0, refers to the latest version of the car, which has undergone significant changes since the last edition of the rally. With their trademark smiles the brothers explain that: “Since February already, we have been working flat-out to make our child become a little more mature. We started with a job list of eight pages with things that needed improvement and we have ticked all the boxes”. 

“The main elements were ergonomics, weight and bodywork. The front section, for instance, has been made shorter, suspension and spring travel have been changed and reinforced trailing arms have been installed” – explained Tim-.

“In Saudi Arabia, we will be driving in the wilderness for much longer, so I am expecting less locals being on-site to help out. Therefore, we need to be able to deal with occurring problems more easily and quickly.” 

Tom then got a bit more serious, considering, to explain how the improvement process of the Beast 3.0 got started, which was while competing in the Dakar 2019: – “While driving, we are constantly talking to each other. I have a little notebook to write things down. We do that while still on the stages. Then, you are in the middle of the action and you know what is going on. When you have a meeting one month after the rally, part of it has already been forgotten” – explained the rally driver -. 

It is on board of their beloved beast of the desert that the twins hope to improve their results from previous editions. Despite the great effort that they have put into designing their new car, however, it will not be easy. 

The toughest race in the world, both for racer and machine, will be disputed in Saudi Arabia for the first time this year, where an unknown and terrifying territory awaits. In the biggest country in the Middle East, approximately 70% of the 8.000 km of the rally will take place on sand. 

Saudi Arabia: Same challenge, different scenario 

After eleven editions in South America, the raid travels to the Middle East with the intention of rekindling the African Spirit which elevated the race into its legendary status. This is Tom’s take on the matter: “The organisers want to surprise every year. They want at least for half of the field not to make it to the finish line because it is the world’s toughest rally for a reason. Over the years, we have come to know their approach. For instance, the final kilometres always are the hardest ones. The final part of each stage is the toughest”.



“For us, the adventure will be new: Saudi Arabia is very different from South America.
And the sand in Chile is different from that in Africa or the Middle East. We will be facing major surprises again this year, but that is the reason why we are taking part, not to see the same things as the year before. So bring it on!”

Tim & Tom… beyond the Dakar

For this new adventure, Tim will receive more hands-on help from his twin: “I have already spoken about it with Tom: the plan is for him to drive as well. That has always been my goal. We plan to participate in other rallies next to the Dakar Rally. I think that the car and the team are ready for it”. 

Tom is also fully convinced of their team’s great potential, thanks to the fraternal spirit that glues them together: “The team is 90 per cent identical with last year. We are really doing this together; every team member counts.  That is cool to see, it really is a family. Our partners have remained unchanged for 99.99 per cent, too. That is also telling: I would say that perhaps we are doing something right after all”. 

Images: Tim & Tom Coronel Instagram.

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