Turkey returns to the World Rally Championship after seven years as Poland is forced to withdraw

by H. Mayor – photo: wrc | With the current season in its home (and very exciting) stretch, the World Motor Sport Council released last Thursday the final calendar for the 2018 World Rally Championship. Among other news next season start will be delayed by one week with respect to the current one but more importantly, a new Turkey round will be introduced,seven years after the last one.

The Ottoman Rally will replace Rally Poland, a race whose spectacularity contributed to its own demise having to finally be withdrawn due to the serious safety issues observed this season. The decision was made a while ago and the gap left behind was filled with another interesting classic, Rally Turkey in Marmaris.

The other date change announced has to do with the switching of Wales and Spain’s rounds so that Rally GB will take place during the first few days of October while Rally Spain will mark the last European date before the final Rally Australia in mid November.

Calendar WRC 018

  1. Monte Carlo 25-28 January
  2. Sweden 15-18 February
  3. Mexico 08-11 March
  4. France 05-08 April
  5. Argentina 26-29 April
  6. Portugal 17-20 May
  7. Italy 07-10 June
  8. Finland 26-29 July
  9. Germany 16-19 August
  10. Turkey 13-16 September
  11. Great Britain 04-07 October
  12. Spain 25-28 October
  13. Australia 15-18 November


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