The synthetic lubricants that meet the requirements of heavy engines as well as European regulations

The vehicle manufacturing industry is constantly evolving and becoming more efficient. The incessant progress of vehicle mechanics is partly due to the ever stricter environmental regulations as well as an increasing global awareness for the need to protect our environment. Lubricants have also been improving and evolving in this direction. MatraX Lubricants has adapted its range to meet the requirements of different engines, such as heavy engines, which are manufactured under the subsequent editions of European regulations.

Specifically, the MatraX Heavy Synthesis MSAPS range and its variations 10W40 E9, 10W30 E9 or 15W40 E9, are high-end synthetic oils which are developed using the latest technology and are low on sulphated ash, phosphorous and sulphur, providing a greater level of protection to heavy, high performing diesel engines.

Meeting emissions’ regulations

The MatraX Heavy Synthesis MSAPS oils have evolved to meet the requirements of both Euro V and Euro VI engines for heavy vehicles. These European norms are sets of measures approved by the European Parliament which outline the necessary technical requirements which vehicle engines have to meet in order to certify their level of emissions. In this way all different member states of the European Union use a unified criteria avoiding discrepancies.

Another advantage of the Heavy Synthesis MSAPS is their remarkable stability, a direct result of their careful formulation. It is because of this that they are able to maintain their viscosity even under the toughest of conditions. In extremely cold weather, such as it is now in the Northern Hemisphere, these lubricants facilitate a cold start, even under temperatures as low as -30 ºC. The typical qualities of synthetic oils themselves, together with a precise blend of additives can lengthen the life of the engine.

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