MotoGP: Lorenzo wins in Austria after fantastic duel with leader Marquez

For a short time it seemed as if Marquez was to finally win at the Red Bull Ring… but it was not to be. In the end, another Ducati, driven by Lorenzo in this occasion, reigned in Austria for a third consecutive year, and the Honda champion had to make do with  second place.

This is Lorenzo’s third victory of the season and what a victory! The two Spaniards and future team-mates, delighted the crowd with a frantic final battle for the glory. Dovizioso completed the podium 1.5 seconds behind, followed by Crutchlow, Petrucci and Rossi who came back from 14th position to 6th.

An epic battle

Marquez started leading the race from pole followed closely by Dovizioso, who even managed to pass the leader for a few instants. By the third turn, Lorenzo took the second position despite the immense pressure from the Italian to not let it go. After a couple of laps, the Spaniard from Ducati started opening up the gap with Dovizioso and shortening it with Marquez. With ten laps to go, an exultant Lorenzo engaged in a fantastic fight with his compatriot, delighting the crowds with a number of memorable attacks and counter-attacks.

Despite Marquez’ desperate attempts to take the lead from Lorenzo, the Spartan held on until the end for a spectacular third-in-a-row Austrian win for the Ducati team: “I didn’t think Marc would be so quick at the start. Then I went on the attack, knowing he’d respond. He was very strong in braking, but on the last lap he didn’t expect me to use the outside line at turn 2 to get past him. One of my best wins in MotoGP”.

The current leader and six-time champion also said to be satisfied with the outcome, having widen his lead over Rossi, which is currently second: “I gave it all I had, I thought I had a good margin, but the tyre dropped and Jorge was able to close the gap. I’m pleased anyway because I’ve increased my championship lead”.

General classification

  1. Marquez (Honda) 201
  2. Rossi (Yamaha) 142
  3. Lorenzo (Ducati) 130
  4. Dovizioso (Ducati) 129
  5. Viñales (Yamaha) 113

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