MatraX Lubricants prepares for its arrival in Brazil

New markets, new challenges but the same philosophy: to produce next-generation lubricants for the most demanding engines. With this ethos, MatraX Lubricants prepares its arrival in Brazil in the coming weeks. This launch will mark the beginning of the commercialisation of products in Latin America by the European company. Brazil is one of the countries with the most favourable economic outlooks of the region and is a member of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China y South Africa) group of countries.

MatraX Lubricants will kick-start its distribution network using the most developed line of products within its catalogue: the Influx range. These are synthetic-based lubricants with a top quality blend of additives. This particular series has been produced with the most modern, engine-efficient vehicles in mind which are the most committed to reducing their environmental impact.

The key role that the lubricant plays in the health and durability of the engine should not be underestimated. Amongst the many properties of the InfluX lubricants are its cooling and rust-preventing qualities. These, in turn, protect the engine from extreme temperatures, a very relevant aide in a warm country such as Brazil.

In this strategic launch, Brazil becomes the newest market within the process of expansion of this Spanish lubricant manufacturer, already present in over forty countries. After a decade of work, MatraX has steadily consolidated itself as one of the firms committed to the production of next-generation oils for vehicles. 

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