MatraX Lubricants’ hybrid engine range

In response to an ever-increasing demand, MatraX Lubricants has developed a range of lubricants for hybrid vehicles. This new line is integrated into the brand’s Automotive division which develops products for different engine needs including Light, Heavy, Two and Four-Stroke Engines, Off-Highway Equipment, Manual and Automatic Transmissions, Agriculture as well as Automotion Special Fluids.  

The main technical singularity of hybrid cars is the coexistence of two engines, an internal combustion one, usually fuelled with gasoline, and an electric one. The new mechanics of this type of vehicle, therefore, require the use of a distinctive type of oil that meets their particular requirements. 

Three high-tech quality products

To respond to that increased demand, our company has launched a line of synthetic, latest-generation European oils. This range is made of three products; the MatraX InfluX Hybrid 0W20, 5W20 and 10W30, all of which stand out for their extraordinary quality and performance. 

Specifically developed to protect both the engine and the catalytic converters, our lubricants also help reduce polluting gas emissions.

Also, and thanks to a formulation based on high-tech additives, our oils have a very low viscosity, which gives them great anti-wear properties and optimizes the engine’s potential. In addition, they prevent the accumulation of deposits as well as the wear and tear of the injectors and the camshaft. 

Another benefit of our lubricants is that they contribute to a smoother start which in turn reduces the electrical consumption of the hybrid engine and extends the useful life of the batteries.

Mechanical friction reduction

They also reduce mechanical friction and protect the start-stop systems incorporated in the combustion engines of hybrid cars very efficiently. Let’s not forget that this operation (the ignition of the engine) takes place many more times in this type of vehicle than in a conventional car. 

Our hybrid additives also remain in the engine for a longer period of time increasing its protection during the drainage process. As if that wasn’t enough, our lubricants have a longer service life, which in turn contributes to reducing vehicle maintenance costs. 

Our customers can find our lubricants in the container size that better suits their needs: 1 litre, 5 litres, 20 litres, 50 litres, 208 litres and 1,000 litres.  

Images: MatraX Lubricants.

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