MatraX Lubricant: Ten meaningful years of history

This year will mark the first decade anniversary of the MatraX Lubricants project. Since 2007, the year when we lay our foundations, our enterprise has been in constant development consolidating its brand and maturing its ideas and values. The bedrock of our work is our passion for technological innovation, our wish to develop an ample and comprehensive catalogue and our commitment to the environment. Across the 35 countries where we are present, those have been our three solid founding principles.

From the very beginning we knew we wanted to have control over the whole of the production process. At MatraX Lubricants we have our own labs where we develop our own chemical formulae that then goes into our range of both mineral and synthetic-based lubricants. This has given us the flexibility to adapt to market demands at any given time as well as to diversify our products to serve different industries. Our work has obtained several quality certifications and has been accredited by the main car manufacturers.


After ten years developing our products the MatraX Lubricants catalogue is currently comprises 160 different engine oils. We have several ranges to cover all the different models of the automotive industry as well as some specific ones for industrial use. We have specific oils for light engines and for heavy machinery used in civil engineering as well as our own, highly specialised lubricants, covering the needs of many different industries.

Within this diverse range however, all our lubricants have something in common; they fulfill the promise of improving engine performance and they increase fuel efficiency lengthening the life of the engine and reducing the risk of faults. All our products are also developed with respect for the environment and its sustainability.

These ten years are now an excellent platform from which to continue to work on a project that never stops growing, opening new avenues and strategies in new countries and widening its product range to adapt to the needs of today’s automotive industry.

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