MatraX Hydro HLP 46: A top-of-the-range hydraulic lubricant

The MatraX Lubricants’ industrial division has a wide range of products under the umbrella category of Hydraulic Lubricants. Amongst the thirty-two different labels that make up this comprehensive catalogue of products, we find the MatraX Hydro HLP 46a high-quality, latest-generation hydraulic oil designed for hydraulic sequipment.

Carefully refined and hydrogenated, the MatraX Hydro HLP 46 offers great protection for each of the components that make up an hydraulic machine and its components. Its formulation incorporates advanced anti-wear additives, which increase the oil film’s transfer of power under limited lubrication conditions.

This helps reduce the temperature and friction between moving surfaces. It is also very efficient in fighting oxidation, corrosion and wear, the great enemies of this type of machinery. On top of all of the above, the Hydro HLP 46 also exhibits fantastic demulsibility capabilities as well as an excellent level of deaeration.

All of this facilitates the correct functioning of industrial hydraulic machines extending their working life. The Hydro HLP has been developed by the experienced multidisciplinary team of our R+D lab and it complies with the stringent regulations of certifications below: 

· ISO 11158 HM   

· Parker Denison HF-0 (Hybrid pump test T6H20C)   

· Fives Cincinnati P-68, P-69 and P-70   

· Eaton Brochure 03-401-2010  

Its versatility and great level of efficiency make it perfect for universal hydraulic systems. The Hydro HLP 46 has also been formulated to fulfil the technical requirements of high precision and speed hydraulic equipment 

Finally, the Hydro HLP 46 is available to purchase in 1, 5, 20, 50, 208 and 1.000-litre containers to fulfil the needs of all of our customers. 


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