Marc Márquez’s hit in Germany: a planned success
  • An excellent race readout and the early selection of slick tyres made decisive the success in Sachsenring of the Spanish rider, who extends the distance at the global score.  

It wasn’t about being the fastest in Sachsenring, but to had it better planned than anyone. Marc Márquez climbed again the highest step of the podium for the seventh consecutive year,  and striked a blow on its path to the championship, in a day where the performance in a wet track and the bad wheater conditions made much difference. He won the race coming from the rear and having opted for slicks sooner than anyone else, a risky decision at the moment, but decisive at the global context.

It wasn’t a easy day, the bad weather conditions and the wet track status, shore up the worst features of a racetrack which demands a high technical performance. In a beggining with heavy rain, he and others (such as Rossi, Pedrosa, Lorenzo), opted by a super-soft tyres provided by Michelin, but Márquez wasn’t comfortable with them. A time to have clear head and temporize, to be patient and wait to the right moment, at the rear. He entered the pit sooner than the majority , when he was the ninth, and opted by the slicks, remaining confident on the weather’s progress and the progressive drying of the track: things haven’t gone badly for other that kept the same decision, as Crutchlow, who reached the podium after an extraordinary performance and a great ending, and Pedrosa (sixth) or Miller (seventh). This early decision of the rider was actually what made the difference.

Márquez, in six laps

What came next to the early change was extraodinary: in six laps, Márquez scaled from the tenth position to into the lider of the race, riding almost 8 seconds faster than the leader Miller, who was punished for a excessively delayed entering to pit, what spoiled his all-morning good performance. Dovizioso held with the change to the intermediate in front and slick at the back, but closed any possibility to a third position that went well after all; Lorenzo (with a bad fifteenth position) and Rossi gambled with intermediates and doomed themselves; the Italian rider was actually the main damaged, not only by the bad choice, but also for the terrible readout of the race performance which he started as leader and ended as the eight. Márquez is actually 59 point over Rossi and 48 over Jorge, a great advantage. 


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