Transmission fluid: Essential for the smooth functioning of manual transmissions

Lubricating fluids have multiple properties and fulfil different functions in our vehicles, but their importance for vehicle transmissions often goes overlooked. In this article we will focus on manual transmissions and their singular characteristics for which MatraX Lubricants offers a range of specific products: the MatraXGear range. Within this we find the MatraX Gear InfluX 75W90 TDL (100% synthetic technology) and the MatraX Gear Classic 80W90 TDL (mineral and high performance).

How does the transmission fluid aids the functioning of manual gearboxes (as well as axles)? Amongst its many benefits is the smoothness they provide to the workings of the gearbox and the consequent reduction of noise, both easily noticeable by the driver himself. At an internal level, both the Gear InfluX 75W90 TDL and the Gear Classic 80W90 TDL give the gearbox an extra layer of protection from wearing and extreme pressure, shielding the different components from developing faults even under heavy loads.

On top of this, the high quality of these transmission fluids allows for more time to be left between oil changes across all types of vehicles (cars, trucks, vans, civil engineering or agricultural machinery), reducing their maintenance costs. But the importance of the transmission fluid for manual gearboxes goes beyond the above described benefits. Using and properly maintaining the fluid has the key role of preventing malfunctioning and faults. If we fail to change the transmission fluid as recommended, the dirty oil will carry small debris to the gearing which might cause a number of problems from noise to difficulty shifting gears and an accelerated wearing down of the different parts due to the rubbing of metal against metal.

Protection and universality

The MatraX Gear Influx 75W90 TDL and Classic 80W90 TDL transmission fluids also prevent corrosion and rust, protecting the different components from moisture and humidity and thus lengthening the life of the gearbox and axles.

What truly makes these two products special is their TDL denomination. This means they are developed using TDL (Total Drive Line) technology additives. These additives improve the viscosity index and have a high level of shear (metallic fragments) resistance, which protects the gearing teeth from wear and tear. Furthermore, they can be used across the complete driveline, meeting the needs of both axles and gearbox.

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