Hockenheim: Hamilton’s advantage in a nightmarish weekend for Rosberg

(photo: formula1.com)

It was the special week for Nico Rosberg: run for his people, an exceptional preliminary, the comfortable position after winning the pole, and the choice to turn the classification around to recover the leadership of the World championship at home. But sometimes things just screw up. A terrible start as an introduction of a tragic race left him out of the podium, just able to stare at a Hamilton out of control who rose comfortably his sixth cup within the last seven competitions.

Summer holidays have now started, but in the mind of both riders remain the 43 points that the British gained over this German teammate in these last months, and the +19 that separates them now. More problems for Rosberg, whose performance in Hockenheim filled a perfect script for the disaster, with the advance of the Red Bulls also ahead. They are already the second strength of the championship, on points and inertia.

Sometimes few seconds can be main point of entire article. The alert of the lights left his Mercedes nailed on the pavement; Hamilton put the gear on and took over the lead, moreover Ricciardo and the surprising Vestappen broke into the scene to add difficulties, obstacles for an epic recovery, although everything remained ahead. The uphill effort for Nico worsened with a first slow visit to the paddocks, a very complicated race, Hamilton buzzing at a great distance and dominating the race with an unstoppable huge efficiency since Monaco, and with the Red Bulls as a powerful opponent.

A real bad dream

The nightmarish morning for Rosberg, in front of his people and at his home, was for real.  The high-protested penalization of 5 seconds caused by an irregular overtake over Vestappen, the problem with the chronometer, around the lap 30; left him definitely out of combat. Since Monaco he’s used to look too much the triumphal happiness of his teammate, a Hamilton who consolidates his current supremacy and even experiences an enjoyable morning, except for some little attacks of Ricciardo at the final stage, who signed again a brilliant race in the shadow of the champion.

The other interpretation (not new) of Hockenheim is that the high-spirited Red Bulls reinforce again their position as the alter ego of Mercedes. Almost twenty seconds passed since both teams finished to the crossing of the finish line of the Ferraris, relegated now as the third strength. Hulkenberg signed a worthy seventh position and Button saved points to McLarens, where Alonso suffered again and didn’t gained any point after running a large proportion of the competition for them. Bottas and Pérez are still earning merits and closed the top 10. Now it’s time of some holidays and thinking for everyone, considering that an exciting outcome is to come.

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